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Ten years of magazines!

Every issue of the HOLLYWOOD MUSICALS SOCIETY MAGAZINES contains dozens of articles - listed are two cover or major stars featured.

1989 - 2 Jane Powell Specials, issue 1: Ann Miller, Vera-Ellen;
issue2:MGM stars - all out of print.
1990 - issue 1: Doris Day, Betty Grable; issue 2: Jane Frazee, Big Bands;
issue 3: Judy Garland, Gloria Jean; issue 4: Jane Powell, Helen Rose - all out of print.
1991 - issue 1: Betty Grable, June Haver; issue 2: Deborah Kerr, Wartime musicals;
issue 3: Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones; issue 4: Deanna Durbin, Doris Day.
1992 - issue 1: Howard Keel, Gene Nelson; issue 2: Rita Hayworth, Deanna Durbin;
issue 3: Virginia Mayo, Kathryn Grayson; issue 4: Ann Miller, Jane Powell.
1993 - issue 1: Jane Powell, Gordon MacRae; issue 2: Gloria de Haven, Harry Warren;
issue 3: Carmen Miranda, Sonia Henie; issue 4: Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby.
1994 issue 1: Judy Garland, Susan Hayward; issue 2: Frank Sinatra, M & G Champion;
issue 3: Belita, Shirley Temple.
1995 no issues
1996 issue 1: Lana Turner, Gene Kelly; issue 2: Barbra Streisand, Ann Miller;
issue 3: Jane Powell, Alice Faye.
1997 issue 1: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland: issue 2: Fred Astaire, June Haver.
1998 issue 1: Doris Day, Judy Garland; issue 2: Jane Powell, Kathryn Grayson.


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Last Updated: June 28 2002